About the Author:

George Hâncu is the author of the groundbreaking Children of Herumai series. He has studied esoteric philosophy and theology for almost two decades, specializing in secret knowledge. His continuing research on alchemy, gnosticism, ancient rites, and hermetic texts has inspired him to share some findings, using stories as a medium to reach a wider audience. His work aims to achieve a holistic approach to answering life's toughest questions. 

About the Series:

The groundbreaking Children of Herumai series of fantasy novels relies on dialogue and storytelling to provide a fresh perspective on the fundamental aspects of existence. The unlikely heroes commit themselves to an epic otherworldly quest, attempting to prove the merits of our species to the powers above. Will humanity redeem itself through them, or will it fall prey to the enemies of our Creator? 

The series is composed of three books: The Red Girl – Interviews with a Monster Hunter, The Between, and Eye of Balthazar. The books are available on Amazon. You can purchase them here.


The Red Girl is the first book in the Children of Herumai fantasy series. It follows the interviews of Victor Rotaru by journalist Madelyn Hamilton. This is a dialogue-only book.

When a gritty young journalist is ordered to interview Victor Rotaru, a 43-year-old Romanian ‘’ monster hunter’’, she naturally views it as an attempt at career sabotage. But Madelyn soon realizes that Victor is neither insane nor a con artist. His story quickly draws her in, gradually revealing a sinister hidden world, ever encroaching on her rational, materialistic reality.
As the interviews progress, the once skeptical journalist starts to realize that her role in Victor’s story may be larger than she had anticipated. She finds herself unable to quit, hoping for the ongoing cat and mouse game to reach its conclusion.

THE RED GIRL is a novel about brutally hard choices and existential dilemmas, presented in pure dialogue form. The reader is invited to witness the story unfold, as every choice, action, and thought is given voice by the characters. But some things are beyond words and some truths must remain unspoken.

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The Between is the second book in the Children of Herumai fantasy series. It follows the adventures of Vlad, Victor's younger brother, as he leads a group of unlikely heroes on a life-changing mission, with major consequences on humanity.

One year ago, 33-year-old Vlad, Victor's younger brother, made the most important discovery in modern history. However, the truth comes with a terrible burden. Action must be taken, but governments can’t be trusted with this information.

The crisis alleviates when Vlad meets Cora, a 23-year-old photographer with some dark secrets of her own. The eccentric researcher forms a group of seemingly random and unlikely heroes, with one simple mission: Find the source of ‘’Sample 47’’, the primordial water.

As the answers to the most profound questions about life, death, and the Creator Himself lie just beyond the horizon, it dawns on Vlad that the survival of humanity may depend on his actions. The group must track down a powerful Elder called Balthazar, a shadow puppeteer in the saga of human civilization.

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Eye of Balthazar is the third book in the Children of Herumai fantasy series. It follows the group led by Vlad, as they venture out on the all-important mission to save humanity from Balthazar's dark edict.

Part three of the series follows the group as they venture beyond the Outskirts, in the search for Balthazar and his minions. It becomes immediately obvious that their quest will be more difficult than anticipated. Help comes from an unexpected ally.

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